General STO

RATFOs vs Red Alerts

  • ~3 minutes each if you can guarantee that speed yourself (without relying on team mates).
  • ~20 runs per hour.
  • 52 marks per run; ~1040 marks per hour (20×52).
  • 480 dil ore per run; ~9600 dil ore per hour.
  • Normal R&D Materials; ~x20 per hour.
Duration~3 minutes
Runs per hour~20
Marks per run52
Marks per hour~1040
dil ore per run480
dil ore per hour~9600
Normal R&D Materials per hour~20
Red Alert Rewards

Random Advanced TFOs (RATFOS):

These are a little harder to quantify because their rewards system is more complex and variable. First, there are base rewards for doing the TFO:

  • The longest a TFO should take is 16 minutes per run, but can take as little as 90 seconds. It is very safe to assume 5-6 runs per hour on average.
  • Rep/Fleet mark amounts vary wildy depending on TFO, I’ve seen as few as 70 and as much as 345 today (from Best Served Cold, which is one of the very newest, and longest TFOs at 16 minutes). And then I saw 112 marks from an 86 second ISA run. ~350-1725 marks per hour.
  • 720 dil ore per run; ~3600 dil ore per hour.
  • Advanced R&D Materials; ~x5 per hour.
  • Possible elite rep materials.
Duration<= 16 minutes
Runs per hour~5-6 (estimates based on 5)
Marks per runvaries 70-345
Marks per hour~350-1725
dil ore per run720
dil ore per hour~3600
Advanced R&D Materials per hour~5
Possible elite Reputaion Material0-1
Random Advanced TFO Base Rewards

And then there is the bonus “Random” reward we need to add in:

  • Between 70-350 marks of choice (usually Uncommon/Rare/Advanced, giving 84-140).
  • 700-3500 dil ore (usually Uncommon/Rare/Advanced, giving840-1400).
Duration<= 16 minutes
Runs per hour~5-6 (estimates based on 5)
Marks per runvaries 70-350
Marks per hour~350-1750
dil ore per run700-3500
dil ore per hour~3500-17500
RATFO “Random” Reward Packages

And finally, you get a 50 mark bonus per day for each different rep you choose as a reward. Since you want to max out all 13 reps as quickly as possible, it usually makes sense to choose a different Rep reward each time (rather than focusing on one specific rep), to ensure you get the bonus 50 marks every time.

  • ~250 marks per hour (based on 5 runs).

Comparing Red Alerts to RATFOs:

Red AlertRandom Advanced TFO
Duration~3 minutes<= 16 minutes
Runs per hour~20~5-6 (estimates based on 5)
Marks per run52~190-745
Marks per hour~1040~950-3725
dil ore per run4801420-4220
dil ore per hour~9600~7100-21100
Normal R&D Reward~200
Advanced R&D Reward0~5
Elite Rep Material00-1
Random Advanced TFO Rewards vs Red Alert Rewards

It seems that if your goal is marks or other rewards, Random Advanced TFOs beat out Red Alerts handily over time.

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