Ground Combat STO

Ground Gear & Devices

Basic Ranged Ground Build
Basic Ranged Ground Build

While Kits & Modules will vary with profession and build, the following equipment is widely considered “best in slot” for every ground build at this time:

Burnham’s armor, and the Na’Kuhl shield and weapon are generally considered best-in-slot for all ground builds. The Na’Kuhl weapon is not used in combat, but should be equipped in the secondary weapon slot. In your primary slot, use whichever weapon you like. My personal favorite for general performance is actually purchased from a vendor (or exchange):

And my favorite Melee weapon is easily:

Ground Devices

Once you have the money/R&D to burn, I cannot stress the importance of the Large Kit Overboosters. The kit performance is actually a garnish, their cooldown reduction is the real juice!

Until you have those items, use the best devices you can. Hypos and power cells will really boost your survival and energy damage. Combat pets are fun and effective early on, but I favor the utility of the above devices. I usually give the pet devices to my bridge officer Away Team members – that keeps them useful!

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