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Event Campaign III Reward Choice

To help people choose their Event Campaign reward (, here is a spreadsheet that lists the 68 possible ship choices:

Each ship is listed with most of its stats, but most importantly: the Notes column specifies whether or not the ship has any “meta” consoles, traits, or seating. The list has been reviewed by Sizer (a respected STO community ship builder) and includes their comments on some ships!

There is a column for “Owned”, so you can easily filter out any ships (or traits/consoles) you already own (or “Meta Own”, if you already own the console or trait but not the ship itself).

You can filter the Notes column to hide any “Blank” fields, to remove any “barbie” choices (if you desire).

Please discuss and I’ll update with any new findings.

Super huge thanks to sfc for pointing me to the original spreadsheet, and of course to Sizer!

Top Event Campaign III Reward Choices
tl;dr: Event Campaign III Reward Choices With Meta Traits, Consoles, or Seating

* “Meta”, in this context, could mean any console or trait that would be recommended in a guide on

This is a customized version of the spreadsheet found here:

Which was originally found here:

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