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  • Crit Doffs
    https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Specialization:_Energy_Weapons_Officer#Crit_Chance_variant https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Specialization:_Projectile_Weapons_Officer#Crit_Chance_variant I recorded a PUG ISA run using a single CritH doff and a single CritD doff and tallied the buff stacks every 5 seconds. I flew a CSV-built Akira (7 cannons + Soliton). The run took about 97 seconds and I parsed 317k DPS (actually a personal best in this ship, parse below). […]
  • Legendary Scimitar Cannon Build
    This is a fun and effective cannon build – I’ve had a 511k DPS Infected Elite run it, but it really shines in general scenarios! It’s quickly become one of my favorite builds to play around in. I utilize Photonic Officer, Boimler, and Unconventional Systems for cooldowns. Since I’m utilizing four activated Universal Consoles, Unconventional […]
  • Screwing Around
  • Ranged Build (Tactical)
    This powerful ground build is based around an unusually strong, vendor-sold primary weapon and mission reward items (obtainable at any level, post tutorial). I think it is great for both new and experienced players alike. While some of the items listed are more expensive, the bones of the build are not, and you can safely […]
  • Interface & Keybinds
    This is how I configure my UI, Settings, and keybinds for STO. I use the same layout and keybinds across all of my toons, which helps keep things consistent and speeds up the process of setting up new builds and alts. Here is my full screen layout, for reference: Note: Due to a longstanding bug, […]

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