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  • RATFOs vs Red Alerts
    Red Alerts: https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Red_Alert ~3 minutes each if you can guarantee that speed yourself (without relying on team mates). ~20 runs per hour. 52 marks per run; ~1040 marks per hour (20×52). 480 dil ore per run; ~9600 dil ore per hour. Normal R&D Materials; ~x20 per hour. Duration ~3 minutes Runs per hour ~20 Marks […]
  • Legendary Scimitar Surgical Strikes Part 2: Concentrate Firepower
    After processing the great feedback from the folks at r/stobuilds (seriously, some really significant improvements), I’ve refined my Legendary Scimitar Surgical Strikes build into something I’m very satisfied with by adding in a torpedo and Concentrate Firepower. It pulled 601k DPS in it’s inaugural ISE channel run. Great team! My piloting was empirically not so […]
  • Legendary Scimitar Surgical Strikes Builds
    See part 2 with new updates here! Exploring the reworked Surgical Strikes (SS) ability from the Intel specialization with the Legendary Scimitar. The bridge officer seating of this ship is remarkably flexible with SS, and I think multiple variants are worth exploring. Here I’m sharing what I’ve started with and hopefully we can identify things […]
  • Crit Doffs
    https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Specialization:_Energy_Weapons_Officer#Crit_Chance_variant https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Specialization:_Projectile_Weapons_Officer#Crit_Chance_variant I recorded a PUG ISA run using a single CritH doff and a single CritD doff and tallied the buff stacks every 5 seconds. I flew a CSV-built Akira (7 cannons + Soliton). The run took about 97 seconds and I parsed 317k DPS (actually a personal best in this ship, parse below). […]
  • Legendary Scimitar Cannon Build
    This is a fun and effective cannon build – I’ve had a 511k DPS Infected Elite run it, but it really shines in general scenarios! It’s quickly become one of my favorite builds to play around in. I utilize Photonic Officer, Boimler, and Unconventional Systems for cooldowns. Since I’m utilizing four activated Universal Consoles, Unconventional […]

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