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  • Interface & Keybinds
    This is how I configure my UI, Settings, and keybinds for STO. I use the same layout and keybinds across all of my toons, which helps keep things consistent and speeds up the process of setting up new builds and alts. Here is my full screen layout, for reference: Note: Due to a longstanding bug, […]
  • Solo TFO: Cat’s Tale
    I think this Halloween Event TFO is easiest solo, because an uneducated teammate – or troll – can really halt progress. Here is a video of a 13 minute, 20 second run. I did not try to get the cats, but I think I hit all the candles (the summary screen didn’t show up at […]
  • Event Campaign III Reward Choice
    To help people choose their Event Campaign reward (https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Event_Campaign_III_Prize:_Premium_T6_Starship_Choice), here is a spreadsheet that lists the 68 possible ship choices: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nvnfGYiaXPuyZefTDD6z1PViylTMH538ZClPJC4zamM/edit?usp=sharing Each ship is listed with most of its stats, but most importantly: the Notes column specifies whether or not the ship has any “meta” consoles, traits, or seating. The list has been reviewed by […]
  • Space Skill Tree
    A strong offense is the best defense. This is the all-around skill tree that I use for all my builds. Note the lack of defensive skills – they are like training wheels and will only hold you back. I use this (or a close variant) on all my alts. More specialized trees can be put […]
  • Fast & Flurrious Race Tips
    Updated 12/7/2021. Information on how to achieve the best ground speed for the Winter Wonderland event race. Traits Personal Ground Trait: Maquis Guile (10%)Personal Ground Trait: Coalition Squad Tactics (3% per Tac on team)Ground Rep Trait: Physical Conditioning (6.3%)Ground Rep Trait: Close Quarters Combatant (3.8%) Equipment Pet Terran Fortune Tribble (5%) Burnham’s CQC Armor (10%) […]

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