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  • Fleet Akira Heavy Strike Wing Escort (T6)
    Because of it’s limited 4/3 weapons layout, I ruled out a torpedo (which I always try to include for fun). To me, a Cannon: Scatter Volley build has always fit this ship best. It’s a little heavy on the Tac seating, but the bigger issue is the outdated and inferior specialization seating. Having only a […]
  • Away Team Keybinds
    Control your bridge officers (boffs) with one key. I use the “B” key, because B is for Bridge Officer! B Tell all pets (boffs and any combat pets) to attack your current target. Shift+B On the first press, set a waypoint for your first boff. On the next press, set a waypoint for your second […]
  • Comparing Careers
    This is a collection and comparison of the differences between the Tactical, Science, and Engineer career choices. This is an important decision because of the considerable time (measured in months and years) and money (measured in the thousands of $) investments required to take a character all the way to “the max”. And many of […]
  • Elite Bridge Officers
    This is a comparison of an Elite-upgraded Bridge Officer (BOFF) to standard BOFFs and other pets. Consider the following two parses: Here are the numbers for the four BOFFs from the first parse: Bridge Officer Damage DPS Standard BOFF 4 94287 87.72 Elite BOFF 90353 84.07 Standard BOFF 2 85454 79.51 Standard BOFF 3 82597 […]
  • Legendary Jem’Hadar Vanguard Pilot Attack Ship
    I put this together a couple months ago and it has become my go-to ship for getting things done quickly. It’s fast and very powerful. So far, I’ve managed 765k DPS in ISE channel runs. SPACE Basic Information Data Ship Name D.V. Rotten Banana Ship Class Legendary Jem’Hadar Vanguard Pilot Attack Ship Ship Tier T6-X […]

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