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Fast & Flurrious Race Tips

Updated 12/25/2021. Information on how to achieve the best ground speed for the Winter Wonderland event race.


Personal Ground Trait: Maquis Guile (10%).
Personal Ground Trait: Coalition Squad Tactics (3% per Tac on team).
Ground Rep Trait: Physical Conditioning (6.3%).
Ground Rep Trait: Close Quarters Combatant (3.8%).


Tribble buff: Terran Fortune Tribble (5%).

Burnham’s CQC Armor (10%).

Hostile Environment Shield (20% when shields are full).

Any weapon with [Run] modifier (I’m using a mk12 green).

Frosted Boots. These actually seem to be intentionally disabled on the ice race tracks. They work normally on the rest of the Winter Wunderland map, but on the race tracks they are entirely unnecessary (and might even hurt your traction).

Food consumable: Sautéed Shiitake. Careful! Your tribble (Terran Fortune, for instance) will eat this even if both are equipped on your toon!

Counter-Command Exo-Armor (25% for 3 seconds after rolling).
Delta 2-piece (gun + shield or armor) gives a 5% boost, but you have to give up Burnham armor or shield.


Fleet Research Lab: Combat Performance Boost buff.


Primary Specialization: Command (for the tier 1 run speed bonus). Literally the only time I recommend the Command spec. Ever.

Endeavor Perks:

Endeavor Perks can grant an additional 20% Sprint Speed.

Conclusions & Other Tips:

You can view your “Best Time” in your Captain’s Log, but beware: this time starts ticking when you click the “Join Race” button. So if you are trying to get your best time, don’t click to join the race until the very last moment!

When you are sliding around on the ice, you can jump or roll to stop your momentum (take your finger off your movement key before landing) – this makes sharp corners and staying on the track a lot easier!

You can have a team mate hit you with the Winter Tribble first and then use your Terran Tribble, and they will stack.

34.04 appears to be my top sustained speed solo (Alien Tac toon with Burnham’s, no Shitake, and without anybody else on team).
35.99 is the top burst speed I achieved solo using Counter-Command, but don’t think this is the best way to run the race.

A Jem’Hadar toon should be able to top both of those, using Ketracel.

A Ferasan toon’s jumping bonus can help with the obstacles on the course.

Here is an example run:

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